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2002 Distribution Summary

The Fund owns securities entitling it to 49% of the distributable cash of FP Canadian Newspapers Limited Partnership. The Fund’s policy is for unitholders of record on the last business day of a calendar month to receive distributions on or before the last day of the following month. Holders of units who are non-residents of Canada are required to pay all withholding taxes payable in respect of any distributions of income by the Fund.

Month Date Declared Unitholders of Record Date Date Paid Amount Per Unit
December 17-Dec-02 31-Dec-02 30-Jan-03 $0.1000
November 19-Nov-02 29-Nov-02 30-Dec-02 $0.1000
October 22-Oct-02 31-Oct-02 28-Nov-02 $0.1000(3)
September 18-Sep-02 30-Sep-02 30-Oct-02 $0.1125
August 21-Aug-02 30-Aug-02 27-Sep-02 $0.1125
July 19-Jul-02 31-Jul-02 29-Aug-02 $0.1125
June 19-Jun-02 28-Jun-02 30-Jul-02 $0.1270(4)

(3) The monthly distribution was reduced to $0.10 per unit in response to the financial impact of a strike at the Winnipeg Free Press, which ended October 18, 2002.

(4) Initial distribution comprising $0.1125 for the month of June and $0.0145 for the four days from May 28, 2002 to May 31, 2002.

Current Dividend Summaries